Welcome From Our Principal

Welcome From Our Principal

Principal Dr. Paul DeSimone

Dear Middle School 172 Family,

My name is Dr. Paul DeSimone, and it is with great honor and endless enthusiasm that I send this welcome message to you today.

I come to you as your new principal starting my eleventh year in the New York City Department of Education, having just spent the past ten years as a member of Middle School 74's team. I started my career at Middle School 74 as a special education science teacher and transitioned into administration during the 2015-2016 school year. In conversations from the past week alone, it is clear to me that the persistent excellence of this has not developed by chance. I look forward to continuing in partnership with all of you to sustain the work supported by the leadership of Mr. Slivko, and made possible by all of you.

Every child deserves the best, right opportunities to become their best self. Children deserve schools that embrace their worlds, and leverage their beauty as a channel to their potential. It is my belief that Middle School 172 has all the pieces to make this happen for our students. These are uncertain times and I know you have many wonderings about our school's reopening and what the fall will look like. We are not alone in this journey forward. What I can promise you is that no decision will be made in isolation, or without the consultation of all relevant stakeholders. I look forward to engaging you with questions that invite dialogue, hearing you all for where you are on your respective journeys, and viewing our work on continuum. I believe that this approach will be critical to ensuring that all of us are moving in the same direction.

To ensure that you feel connected to what's going on at the school, we will be hosting three Community Conversations with the Principal over the course of the summer. Be sure to be on the lookout for the meeting and Zoom login information. 

Together, we will be make the best decisions for our school community so that we may continue to strive for greatness. Between now and when more information is available, if there is anything that's on your mind, we are here for you. 


Dr. Paul DeSimone


Irwin Altman Middle Schools 172