Enrichment Programs

T.A.G. Talented & Gifted After School Programs

We offer many after school programs from 2:55 to 3:55 during the week to students.

We offer courses such as The Math team, Crochet, Gems, Digital Photography, The Green Team, Grizzly Gazette,  The Yearbook, Debate and Film Making.


1. Math Team
The Math Team at M.S. 172 will participate in several math competitions throughout the year at the citywide,
statewide, and nationwide level. We will be solving challenging, non-routine type math problems that involve
multi-steps. This team is ideal for anyone interested in competitive math tournaments, problem solving and critical
thinking. Please note, the math team is not a remedial math class tutorial, or a homework help class. Students
participating in the Math Team must attend the try outs on November 23rd.

2. Crotchet
Let’s crochet together and learn a lifetime skill! Whether you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet or have just
recently begun to yearn for the magical workings of hook and yarn, welcome! We will be creating several basic fun
projects such as a scarf and a hat. All projects will be taken home at the end.

The GEMS part of the My Sisters’ Keeper initiative aligns with our program goal to help young women at MS 172 set
achievable academic, social and emotional goals as well as offering the instructor as a mentor to them.

4. Digital Photography
This is an enrichment class for students who will observe and create different photographs using a camera and their
imagination. Students usually continue with their creativity when they have left school and see different and interesting
things that they would like to photograph and bring back to our after school class and share with the other students.
Students have also used their photographs to create portfolios for high school.

5. Green Team
Learning will be experiential and will be conducted in and outside of the building to explore the neighborhood with a
sustainability lens. The Green Team would do this by looking at trees and nature in the neighborhood. We would like
to expand this year and do clean up and planting in the Hillside Playground next to the school. We would also include
arts and crafts, poster making, and slideshows to share with the community to promote sustainability.

6. Grizzly Gazette
Grizzly Gazette School Newspaper is a great way for students to practice their writing skills. Specific topics to be
discussed include plagiarism, editing, revising, current events, word choice, as well as reporting and interviewing. The
program will run in a 4-phase cycle: Week 1: Brainstorming and researching possible topics. Week 2 & 3: Writing the
articles and adding pictures, captions, etc. Week 4: Editing/Revising and publishing

7. Yearbook
Yearbook club would like to welcome all participants grade 6-8. As a student involved in the yearbook you would be
joining others to create a special yearbook for the 8th grade graduating students. Your job would include formatting
yearbook pages to represent the theme chosen for the yearbook. Students would sort data from student surveys to show
student voice in choice categories. Students will create pages from special events, spirit days and other school related
activities. Pictures are not all we need though. We will have sections for writing blurbs, labeling seniors baby pictures
and more. Not a senior, not a problem, gain experience for when it is your turn. Hope to see you there!

8. Debate
Public Forum Debate is one of the most popular forms of debate that involves opposing teams of two, debating a topic
concerning a current event. Students present cases, engage in rebuttal and refutation, and also participate in a
“crossfire” (similar to a cross examination) with the opportunity to question the opposing team. Students will be able to
enhance their skills in public speaking, debate, and leadership.

9. Filmmaking
At the end of this course you will know the elements of film, view short films from international filmmakers, and
ultimately create your own short film that will be screened at our end of year film festival. During the workshop you
will also learn to use your smartphone/ tablet like a professional camera, use natural light in creative ways, ask
questions that get the best interviews, make your shots more cinematic, make your sound more professional, and edit
your video together.


Beacon After School Program

M.S. 172 Beacon Program

Free After School Program for students in grades 6-8.

Program Director:    Sarah Maniff

(718) 347-3279