High School Corner

Guidance Counselors

Ms. Lavalle 

(Grade 6 & Classes 821, 823, 825, 831, 833, 891)


718-831-4000 EXT. 1341

Ms. Grevstad

(Grade 7 & Classes 801, 802, 822, 824, 832)


718 831-4000 EXT. 1343

New Information for 8th Grade Seniors Regarding High Schools

High School results are available on your MySchool account. Please see the video and link below to learn more about waitlists. Important deadlines:

  • June 24th -This is the deadline for families with a HS application offer AND a specialized offer to choose one.
  • September 16th - This is the last day for a high school to make a waitlist offer.


My Schools Tutorials and Waitlists





MySchools Account

8TH GRADERS: You MUST create your MySchools Account. Please check your home mail for the Welcome letters that have the account creation codes. You will need the account creation codes to create your account. Please email your guidance counselor if you do not have your welcome letter.

The Specialized High School Exam registration is open. You have until November 15th to register. 

If you have any questions or need your MySchools Welcome letter,  please email your guidance counselor.

New Announcement





Please check your mail at home. High School Welcome Letters were sent home. This letter explains how to set up your MySchools account. This account is very important! MySchools is where you will apply to High School and register for the SHSAT (if you choice to take it).  If you have any questions please ask either  Ms. Grevstad or Ms. Lavalle, Room 134. 

High School Important Information

High School Admissions Flyer

2021 High School Admissions Guide

The 2021 High School Admissions Guide is now available as PDFs here: schools.nyc.gov/High. Families and school counselors can access these PDFs in English and the nine DOE languages.

Learn more at schools.nyc.gov/High. Sign up for email alerts at schools.nyc.gov/Connect. Call 718-935-2009 anytime with questions. Register online and learn more about each event at schools.nyc.gov/High.

Virtual Open House Links

Virtual Open House Links – If you are interested in a high school that is not listed, we encourage you to Google the school name and go to their website for more information.



Bayside High School


Benjamin Cardozo


Thomas Edison



Queens High School of Teaching


Townsend Harris High School


Frank Sinatra High School


Hillcrest High School


Non-Public, Private schools (these schools are NOT DOE schools, they charge tuition and have a separate admissions process

High School Admissions Video Series

The first three videos of this series are posted online at schools.nyc.gov/HSVideos. Families and school counselors will be able to access these videos, which will include translations in the nine DOE languages. More videos will be released on a rolling basis throughout the summer. This video series will cover how to participate in high school and specialized high schools admissions, what students can do this summer, what to expect this fall, how to build a balanced application, how to use MySchools throughout the process, and more. The first three videos explain the basics of the high school admissions process and what families can do over the summer.